My name is Ms. Kelly, and I am currently a teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to moving to the city last summer, I spent the previous three years teaching in Providence, Rhode Island. I got my start as an educator through the program, Teach For America, for it took me until the end of my college experience to figure out that a career in education was what I wanted to pursue. Luckily, TFA provided me with the opportunity to get my certification, and learn that teaching, and learning from, young people is where my passion lies.

Throughout the course of my last four years teaching, I have met so many incredible students, and I am beyond thankful to have been provided with the opportunity to aid in their development as learners, and as human beings. In addition, I have found that although I am technically the teacher, I am also a student. My kids have taught me so much about strength, joy, and grace. However, the biggest lesson that I have garnered from my experiences so far is that without love – for your students, and their unique identities, for the content that you teach, and for your job as an educator – the students, and you, cannot learn. So, welcome to my blog: You Can’t Learn Without Love.